Thursday, July 14, 2016

Know your weakness, that's the greatest strength!!

A 10 year old boy in Japan wanted to become Judo champion. But lost his left arm in a car accident; It’s a herculean task to become Judo champion for anyone with strong physique. But this poor lad, without an arm, what would he do? Knocked the doors of the trainers to train him for a champion but turned down citing his physical condition. Finally, one among them agreed to do so

Started to practice; The master taught him a single stroke. Days, weeks and even months passed by, but it seems he didn't teach any further moves than this. The boy got exhausted.

My dear master, will this single stroke enough for me to become Judo champion? Or would you teach me any other else? the boy questioned

“Be efficient and strong in this alone”, replied the master. The boy continued his practices and the championship tournament approached.

First Fight – a fierce contender against this boy with knowledge of single stroke; Whistle blown.. the boy won the fight and taken everyone by surprise. Defeated his opponent in the second fight as well; reached the semis; struggled a little but won in that match too.

The Final Match – a mighty opponent who won championship title many times before; felt pathetic on seeing the situation of this one handed boy; But he is nothing short of anything. Match started. The boy was thrashed in the first round. Audiences were shocked to see the boy’ condition and decided to stop the fight. “No, let him fight” answered the master. The opponent entered the ring without life-gear to fight with him

The boy showed his single mastered stroke on the opponent strongly and knocked him down. The boy crowned as champion. None could believe this, even for himself. The match organizers were completely shocked.  He met his master later that evening with due respect and asked him

“Master, how come I won this contest?” with the knowledge of the single stroke alone, the boy.

With a smile on face, the master replied, “there are two reasons for your success. One is, you have learnt one of the most difficult strokes in Judo. Secondly, the opponent has only one option to defend this stroke that is to block your left hand. But you don’t have left hand!! This weakness of yours turned into greatest strength and made you as a champion!!”