Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Arabic language

ARABIC Language
Arabic is used by around 250 million people and one of six official languages of the United Nations Organization. Arabic is also central to other languages in the Muslim world, as a large exporter of words and expressions. Arabic writing is also used for other languages like Persian and Urdu.

Arabic is a language divided into 3 separate groups: Classical written Arabic; written Modern Standard Arabic; and spoken Arabic.
Classical written Arabic is principally defined as the Arabic used in the Quran and in the earliest literature from the Arabian Peninsula, but also forms the core of much literature up until our time.
Modern Standard Arabic is a modernization of the structures of classical Arabic, and includes words for modern phenomenon as well as a rich addition from the many dialects spoken all over the Arabic world.

Spoken Arabic is a mixed form, which has many variations, and often a dominating influence from local languages (from before the introduction of Arabic).

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