Friday, November 13, 2015

I'm Life, why worried & grieved?

For man was created weak (Quran 4:28) 
  خلق الانسان ضعيفا_القرأن 4:28
God created human beings with weakness. Haste, illness, hunger, thirst and sleep are the list of weaknesses and sadness is one among it. Who’s the one free from sad & grief?
No one spared from sorrow in this beautiful world. Reason for these might differ from one to another, but can’t find anyone absolutely freed from this. For some, enormous wealth wouldn't bring complete joy; lack of wealth would be big concern for some. Joint family may be burden for some and living lonely may affect some. Sickness, spouse, children, business and thousand other factors make human beings to feel sad
Man should cross 8 important aspects in this world –Happiness, sorrow, living together, leaving / departing, difficulties, ease, sound health and ill-health
 A world free from sorrow is paradise alone, mentioned in the holy Quran –
 “Praise be to Allah who hath put grief away from us. Indeed, our Lord is Forgiving and Appreciative’” (Quran 35:34) – will be said by the paradise dwellers once entered inside
Based on this Quran verse, it’s been said that for those whom grief & sorrow hadn't been decreed from their lord, then let them fear Hell Fire as grief & sorrow are identification marks of the paradise dwellers
Prophets from the time of Adam (AS) till Mohammad (PBUH), faced much more pains & sorrows than us in their lives. There were instances when they struck with loads of difficulties. So it would be very apt to say that grief is as protecting shield for the righteous.
Prophet Jacob (AS) hooked into grief when lost his lovable son Joseph (AS). Quran describes,
وَتَوَلّىٰ عَنهُم وَقالَ يا أَسَفىٰ عَلىٰ يوسُفَ وَابيَضَّت عَيناهُ مِنَ الحُزنِ فَهُوَ كَظيمٌ
“Oh, my sorrow over Joseph”, and his eyes became white from grief, for he was of that a suppressor” (Quran 12:84)
When Persian Empire surrendered and brought under Islamic rule, entire Islamic world celebrated except Abu Darda (RA), a companion of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), cried in sorrow & grief. When asked the reason about it after Allah had glorified Islam and Muslims. He said, that how mighty a rule / country can be, but if goes astray / deviate from the commandments of its creator, then will suffer humiliation, this is the lesson learnt from Persian fall down
 The same applicable for destruction of Baghdad at the hands of ruthless Mongols in 1258 AD
 Why feel sorry for this worldly life?
When a person crossed his worried companion, wanted him to respond for three questions –
Would anything happen to you without your Lord’ will?
Will anything fall short of you than that had been determined & decreed for you by your creator?
Would a single second precede or delayed from the life span given by your Lord?
 Replied – NO
 Then what’s the point of being sad?
 Whatever decreed upon us, would surely reach. No matter where we are!!
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