Friday, October 30, 2015

Where I learnt discipline?

All the religion preaches discipline. Would like share my views on Islamic disciplines

Islam teaches discipline in all facets of the human life; it’s the foremost important factor which is in line with prayer and worship. While performing due obligations, Islam instructs to do it carefully as any slight deviation would result in loss of that duty as time goes on. Those who aren’t mindful towards their responsibilities, won’t realize or learn it

Devil cannot cheat human being by disguising evil as good. Instead make him to delay or negligent towards the mistakes. Negligence in prayers and carelessness in committing sins are the two great weapons of devil

So that’s why following been said by our forefathers –
Adam (AS) expelled from Paradise due to one sin,
Devil made permanent resident of hell fire due to one sin,
So don’t be negligent whether it’s being just one and going ahead with it. Also don’t underestimate even a single good deed, as it might be weighing your balance scale on the judgement day

Islam always foresees any issues with a long term perspective –
To get rid of bigger sins, then it’s a must to distance ourselves from smaller ones

Those in power want to be freed from corruption, should avoid accepting even the permissible gifts

Those who like to safeguard from the clutches of usury, should be very careful in dealing with debts

We used to abstain from nine tenths of the Halal (permitted ones) fearing it may contain usury – Umar bin Khattab (RA)

Although prophet’ companions were very needy, their discipline to refrain from asking others, which Allah proudly says in the holy quran –

Because of their restraint, an ignorant would think them self-sufficient, but you will know them by their (characteristic) sign. They do not ask people persistently (or at all). And whatever you spend of good to those – indeed, Allah is aware of it (Quran 2:273)   

Discipline in various aspects –

Discipline while criticizing others:
When false propaganda spread out against Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)’ wife Aysha (RA), Prophet asked his family members view on this. Among them is Zaynab bint Jahsh who is another wife of Prophet Mohmmad – testified in favor of Aysha (RA), saying "I know nothing of Aisha except what is good." She was famed for her generosity, excellence in morality and helpfulness. She worked for her sustenance and would spend her earnings in the way of Allah and on the poor”

Discipline in earning livelihood:
Once an employer handed over a volume of materials to his employee and asked to sell those and return back. There were some un-noticed damaged stocks as well, but sold those without informing the defects to the buyer. Is this earned sum permitted or prohibited?

There are two different opinions whether to take this money or not!! One is let the amount equivalent to the material given as charity so that the profit alone retained, other is that, its sufficient if the profit alone spent on charity. Both are acceptable

In this situation, the employer after knowing this, felt guilty about it. Decided to give away in charity the material cost, profit earned and locker safe in which this earned money was kept

Discipline in bringing up a child:
Only a disciplined mother can fetch a disciplined kid to the society. All those who teach essential disciplines to kids, should be practicing those.

Other form of disciplines? Hope you could share your own!!

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