Thursday, July 2, 2015

Aim Aspire Desire

The qualities of “Liking” is very predominant in the entire human race, termed differently as aims,  ambitions, desires, thoughts, wishes etc.

Sick desire to become healthy,
Poor desire to become rich,
Rich desire to become influential,
Influential desire for power & position…

The feeling of Liking / desire, covers all the stages of human life – childhood, adolescent and Old age.

Half-naked doesn’t refer to the person lacks clothing alone, but also the one who lacks the desire

Desiredness of high regarded people is equally high as per their stature, and desiredness of low lying people is at bottom of the table

There is no limit for human desires. It’s beyond their vision & boundaries. Even the hearts of aged people desire for two things:
1)      Worldly riches
2)      To live long

When one desire fulfills, it’s the birthplace for the second and this is universal fact. Consider this example –
During school days, we desire to settle in a good paying job
Once settled, and then wish to marry a nice life partner  
Once married, and then wish for children
After blessed with children, desire to build a home
Then go for cars, riches etc.. the list is endless unless our soul rests

It’s very uncommon, to find anyone who wholeheartedly says that he got all what he wished.

Desires are reflections of our souls. There is no one who successfully fed their souls

Best example of it is that of a nursing child. Unless the mother stops the habit, will continue even till its adolescent stage; when mother ceases this habit, naturally the child stops it

If the son of Adam were to possess two valleys of riches, he would long for the third. And the stomach of the son of Adam is not filled but with dust – Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

Aspire and Desire!!
Desires which are truly meaningful then they are highly appreciated. If one desires to fulfill commandment of his Lord then this means whatever he wished are meaningful

At times, these desires turn out to be life’s ambition. The world’s successful inventions are those of the desires of its inventors

Desire more when you’re alive, because once the angel of death meets you or in other words – when the soul at death reaches the throat and departs away, you can desire but the probability of its fulfillment is very limited

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