Thursday, October 3, 2013

Website Localization / Translation - Need of the hour

Website Localization / Translation - Need of the Hour

The primary aspect for any websites or marketing promotions is to reach its potential customers / buyers throughout the world which has a mixture of varied languages and cultural differences. To attain that level, websites has to speak the language of the visitors who are from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe

Internet users will visit the websites that give them the information they need. People tend to stick towards the particular page which is in their own language

According to website analysis report, you will have visitors from countries around the world who doesn't speak the very same primary language as that of the website, probably English

There is a wide gap left between English websites and non-English speaking nations. As per the stats, China ranked number one in terms of highest internet users, followed by US, India, Japan, Brazil, Russia, Germany, Indonesia, UK, France, Nigeria, Mexico, Iran, Korea, Turkey, Italy, Philippines, Spain, Vietnam, Egypt (Top 20 countries). From the global internet users, there might be around 1 Billion non English speaking people to whom the intended services / products have to be reached.

So using Website translation service, global visitors will get access to your products and services in their local language

While speaking about website translation, automatically there appears the option of Machine Translation. Although its a possibility, but no where it can match the work done by professional translators

Software or machines cannot understand the subtle uses of words / phrases and the used context. The risk involved is equivalent to getting into sea without the knowledge of swimming. Skilled & professional translators can recognize those minute nuances, understand the background context and translate them with correct meaning. Moreover the translator shall take ownership for it & can be available for cross check but machine translations couldn't be questioned

So if you feel the need of website translation, kindly visit

Arabic Translation Centre (ATC) is a professional language service provider (LSP) with extensive expertise in most of Asian, African and European languages. 

ATC can help in localizing your website in Arabic, Persian, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese, Italian, Turkish, Hebrew, Greek and Georgian languages. 

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